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The Peace Within



Motor House Down
9th January – 27th February 2020


An eight week course designed to nurture the inner self, aid relaxation and bring positive change into your life.

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Entering into a new year, we often find ourselves wishing to make new beginnings and bring improvements to our lives, where we can feel new levels of wellbeing and happiness.  This eight week course will teach ways to improve relaxation, help you understand your own health, and how practising positive thinking, meditation, mindfulness, and understanding the energy systems in the body can bring new ways of being whilst also coming into a sense of appreciation of the self just as we are.

Utilising meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques the course will look at working with the energy systems in the body. It will also explore how positive thinking affects the emotions and how this can impact on physical health. 

Throughout the eight weeks you will learn methods to counteract stress and deal more positively with life‘s challenges.  

Please bring a blanket or yoga mat to each session. You may also wish to bring a cushion for comfort whilst practising meditation. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Cost: £160 (concessions £140 – please contact me)


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