Monthly Online Talk & Guided Meditation


Monthly Online Talk and Guided Meditation

This month:
 Healing with the Spring Energies.
21st of March 2021
10:00 – 11:00



In this hour long session, enjoy an uplifting and inspiring talk on a chosen topic, followed by a guided meditation designed to calm, comfort, revitalise, and bring you into the present moment. There will be an opportunity for questions following this.
Chosen topics will include such themes as connection to the spiritual self, positive thinking and mindfulness, working with the energy systems, chakra healing, benefits of meditation, tree and plant medicinal and healing properties, Wildcrafting, benefits of connection to nature, and our place here upon the Earth, amongst others.

The sessions will be run by Maxine Allinson. Maxine is a natural empath and trained energy healer who has been working with the spiritual and energy healing side of nature for over 25 years.

The session will cost £5. If wishing to participate, please purchase a space by pressing on the link above. You will then receive an email with the name of a private group on Facebook which you can then request to join. Once admitted, you will then have access to the live session on the specified date and time. The group will remain open for future reference and to rewatch the session. Please can you ensure that you join the group as soon as possible after receiving the email with the group name. That way,  if there are any problems, these can be rectified before the session begins. Refunds cannot be given otherwise.

In this month’s session, we will be looking at how to tap into the energies of Spring, as all around us nature begins to awaken from her Winter slumber.

We will look at what plants and trees we can work with for healing, and how to use them to bring improved mental and physical health and well-being.  We will also look at our connection to nature, and learn how understanding how  intimately we are connected to the energies of the Earth, can help us to lead more fulfilling and spiritually enriched lives.


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