Healing with Trees Workshop


July 25th 2020

10am – 4pm

Porthkerry Country Park


In this day workshop spent in a beautiful woodland environment learn through direct experience how to connect with the natural world for relaxation, renewed energy levels and the bringing of balance between the physical and energy systems in the body for health and wellbeing.

The workshop aids in teaching the individual about the nature of healing and what it means to be in health by understanding how the body’s physical systems are linked to energy flow and how the two impact on each other. The complementary side of this will be in understanding how and why nature has an impact on our health as you learn how to sense energy in the natural environment and discover ways to work with plants and trees for enhanced levels of wellbeing.

Content of the course will include:-

  • Understanding the energy systems and how these are connected to the health of the physical body.
  • How to tap into the earth’s energy to ground and balance the body’s energy centres.
  • The power of positive thinking and how the mind impacts on the body and vice versa.
  • Enhancing connection with nature by developing sensory awareness
  • Heart perception and communication
  • Learning and developing meditation skills for relaxation and deepening connection with the natural world
  • Understanding the life systems around us with a focus on trees, how they live, grow and communicate.
  • Tree and plant identification and healing properties including wildcrafting
  • Sensing energy in the natural world and how to work with this for healing and general wellbeing.

The teachings are designed to provide skills that will help increase energy levels, bring a reduction in stress and develop spiritual awareness to bring the self into full connection with the natural world.

The meeting point for this walk will be at the café entrance. 

There will be refreshment breaks so please bring any drinks or food you wish for the session.

Appropriate shoes for walking or that you are comfortable in is advised.

A camera and notebook is also recommended. 

Concessions apply, please contact me for details.



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